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Homework break!  I need to get my mind off of triads and the cultural geography of Othello...

How are all my friends on DA?  Some of you I've been in touch with, but others I feel like I haven't talked to in forever!  I miss you guys!  College is really great, though.  I feel so at home here.  In fact, when my parents came to visit me yesterday and took me off campus, I actually felt homesick for college.  Is that not insane?  LOL

Anyway, that's my explination for never being on here.  I'm in music school studying violin performance, which means 9+ classes and hours upon hours of practice (4 minimum).  But I'm not gone forever!  I can still have hobbies...I just might not have as much time as I used to.

And I can still do memes...once in a while.  XD

Pick ten favorite bands/musicians. List the first song you ever heard of theirs, the song you fell in love with, and your current favorite song.

1 - Nightwish
- I think it was their cover of "Phantom of the Opera"
- "Nemo" <3
- omg.  "Dead to the World."  They sang it at the concert I went to.  Marco was so amazing.  I love him.  omg.

2 - Bryn Terfel
- I heard him singing "la ci darem la mano" with Cecilia Bartoli, and it was instant love.
- "Madamina!" from Don Giovanni.  Ahhhh.  xD
- "Die frist ist um" from Hollander.  I want to hear more Wagner!!

3 - Muse
- "Stockholm Syndrome," of course
- "Starlight"
- "Cave" or "Hysteria"...

4 - The Beatles
- Pshh, who knows?  Prolly "I wanna hold your hand" XD
- "Happiness is a Warm Gun" is one I obsessed over for a long time.
- "Across the Universe" <3

5 - Andrew Bird
- "Measuring Cups"
- "Scythian Empire"
- "Lull"

6 - Weird Al
- "Why Does This Always Happen to Me?"
- "White & Nerdy"
- "Your Horoscope for the Day"

7 - Cecilia Bartoli
- "Lacia Chi'o Pianga"
- Either "Voi Che Sapete" or "Non so Piu" - of course, because it was my first time hearing either of those lovely songs; later, I decided that Frederica Von Stade had a better voice for them.
- Anything Baroque.  

8 - The Mamas and the Papas
- "Make your own kind of music" (on LOST!)
- "Make your own kind of music!" XD
- I still like that song best, but I also love "Dancing Bear" and pretty much everything else they did.

9 - Stravinksy! xD
- Firebird Suite
- "Gently, Little Boat" and "Love, too Frequently Betrayed" from "Rake's Progress"
- "I go to him" (Cabaletta)...I LOVE this song SO much.  Dawn Upshaw performs it amazingly, too.

10 - Enya
- "Orinoco Flow"
- "Orinoco Flow"
- "Only If" <3

XOXOXOXOX from Pheobe.


my friends!
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  • Listening to: Dead to the World - Nightwish
  • Reading: Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden (v2), Stardust
  • Playing: scales, etudes, concertos, and BACH
  • Eating: the cafeteria isn't open yet and i'm STARVING
How old will you be in 3 birthdays?

Will you be married by then?
most definately not.

Who was the last person you hugged?
either shelly or courtney

If you could be anywhere, where would it be?
right here in the school of music studying violin performance.

What was the last thing you drank?
a cup of milk.

What's your favorite ice cream?
chocolate, prolly.  i'm not a big ice cream fan.

Do you sleep on a certain side of the bed?
i tend to go toward the wall because otherwise i'm facing the door and my roommate's friends tend to like to come in while i'm sleeping (including the guys) and i drool while i sleep which i'd rather them not see.  xD

Ever stolen a street sign?
not yet

Do you know how to drive a stick?
yes, but i haven't in a while

Do you wear any jewelry 24/7?
four earrings

Who is the funniest person you know?
i don't, the entire violin studio here is damn funny.  
david (our gay concertmaster, trying to get the attention of the principal second to change a bowing):  asa!  asa!  hey, girlfriend!
asa (finally noticing him):  hey, girl.

What are you mad about right now?
i'm irritated at people who don't take responsibility for themselves and waste their time and effort on useless crap...and the drama that ensues, which i am forced to live with.  *steams and boils*  ...oh yeah, and people who aren't quiet during quiet hours.  --;;

Are you a jealous person?
i admit that i get jealous feelings sometimes, but as a rule, i banish such thoughts as soon as they appear.

What song lyric, if any, is stuck in your head at the moment?
"another saturday night and i ain't got nobody" - cat stevens

Do you enjoy traveling in airplanes?
ick, noes.

How many siblings do you have?
four lovely siblings whom i adore.

Are your parents still together?
yes, and i feel insanely lucky for it.

Do you know what you are going to wear tomorrow?
eh, not's the weekend.  ^_^

What do you think of the last person you kissed?
rofl...i don't remember who i last kissed.

Is your current hair color your natural hair color?
yeah.  i wanna get highlights!  i need money for hair

Song playing right now?
"don't stop me now" - queen  xD  (my theme song in life)

What are you thinking about right now?
about how excited i am for my special expedition of d00m next weekend...mwahahah

What were you doing an hour ago?
ear-training homework

Where were you friday night?
in presser hall, practicing (it's great to practice on friday nights because everyone else is out partying and all the practice rooms are open and quiet)

Do you wear the seatbelt in the car?

What is something you really want right now, be honest?
well, i just started listening to "frank mills" and now i really want to just listen to the entire soundtrack of "hair"...and i kind of feel like drawing or dancing or something expressive.  

Who did you last talk to on the phone for over 20 minutes?
my big sis.  ^_^  i walked all around the borders of campus today and we talked for a long time.  it was nice.

Where will you be in an hour?
either still listening to music/doing homework, or sleeping, or maybe watching anime if i decide to finally break down.

Do you ever turn your cell phone off?
no, i just put it on silent.

When was the last time you were in a car with someone besides family?
friday, going to wal-mart with asa.  ^_^

Will you ever hug the last person you hugged again?
i'm sure i will.

Do you have a tan?
not currently.  it's easy for me to get tan, but i never go out so i don't get any.  i'm considering buying tanning lotion for my legs.  LOL...yeah, my roommate is a bad influence.  xD

Have you ever cheated while playing a game?
i don't play games.

Last restaurant you went to?
moe's.  >.>

Are you an emotional person?
unfortunately yes

Did your parents spoil you as a child?
unless not being spanked counts as being spoiled, no.  there were too many other kids to take care of.

Who can always cheer you up?

What do you notice first about a guy/girl?
body type, then personality, then face once i start to converse with him.

What were you doing at 8:00 this morning?
sleeping!  it's saturday!

Do you have any brothers?
two of them.  :)

Name everyone that made you smile today?
courtney, zander, hannah, and hannah's boy friend type person whose name i have

What's something you're scared of?
screwing things up/failing classes/losing my scholarship...oh and i had a nightmare my violin got destroyed.  it was HORRIBLE; i woke up and went straight to Presser and brought it back to my dorm room.  i wanted to sleep with it, but i was afraid my roommate would say something...

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  • Listening to: no word from tom - stravinksy's rake's progress
  • Reading: literary essays and such about othello
  • Drinking: milk
I just wanted to make some sort of announcement-ish thing to my friends here on DA that I'm officially in college now, and will most likely be writing more about it on my livejournal than here.  So go to this if you happen to have the strange desire to read about my college life.  LOL, okay, that's about it.  Loff!

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  • Listening to: Sunburn - Muse
  • Reading: Othello
  • Drinking: water
I thought I should do a journal entry for today since it's such a special date.   

Prepare thyself.

OMG I finally have Microsoft Office on my computer!  Which means I have Microsoft Word!!!  Which means I can get back to working on my story projects with such comforts and reassurances as spellcheck and word count!!!!!!! <333  Ahhh, happiness.

I'm leaving for college in eight days.  The night before last, I didn't sleep at all.  I think I tried to make myself not sleep because whenever I sleep these days, I dream about college.  >.<;  So I read all night and listened to Muse.  By the time the sun was rising, I realized I was tired, so I tried to nap and couldn't so I had a ton of caffeine and then practiced for three hours and then left for work.  And I didn't sleep again until at least 3 o'clock last night.  But I feel better now, somehow.  At least I didn't dream.

I hate Praise and Worship music.  My sister was playing it on the piano this afternoon while I was reading "Watchmen" and it sucked because I was really into the book, but I just can't concentrate on reading when I'm hearing songs I know the words to, particularly when they are songs I don't like.  So I got here and put on my earphones and I'm listening to Muse really loud to block it out.  That's why I'm journaling…because there's nothing else to do while listening to music, except draw, and I don't feel like drawing.

5 Random things today that you did:

-Plotted out Baby Gopher Kickoff Week with my siblings (don't ask…)
-Watched some female Olympic fencers online with my brothers.   My gosh, have you ever seen really good female fencers?  They're horrifically vicious!  And they scream really freakily!  The guys are different, I hear; they throw off their masks and growl constantly…rofl
-Read another third of The Once and Future King, and a lot of Watchmen.  Good books, both.  ^_^
-Listened to Stockholm Syndrome about 5 zillion times and tried to convince my brother that the screaming in it is totally Beatles-style (he doesn't appreciate oldies at all >.<;;).
-Um…ate scrambled eggs?  XD

you are planning to do:

-Practice violin
-Read more!  <3
-Call people…
-Possibly finish watching one of my animes
-Possibly write

you are actually gonna do:

-Ummm…lol…bother my brother, prolly.  It's rare that we have similar tastes in a band, so I'll go and obsess with him.
-Eat some sort of dinner
-Take a shower
-Definitely read Watchmen some more
-Practicing at least my audition music…

you are thinkin':

-I love the rhythm of this song (Starlight).  *bounce* And omgosh I love the piano parts.
-Black holes are freaky.
-I hope I don't dream tonight.
-Ugh I hate job searching and I'm not looking forward to it next summer.
-"Goddam money.  It always ends up making you depressed." – Holden <3

you are hearing/seeing/tasting/touching/smell ing right now (while doing this):

-"Assassin" by Muse
-Beyond my laptop: the wallpaper, a mermaid picture Stephanie drew for me, a picture of Trogdor Sean drew on the back of my algebra study guide like three years ago, my Youth Symphony lapel pins from each season, and a print-out of something from Megatokyo.
-The keyboard.  I love how a keyboard feels under your fingers.
-Ummm…my room?  You never notice what your room smells like until you walk into it.  It usually smells like my candles when I do, though, and they're cherry-scented, so it's nice.

you are thinking about who? (fictional):
-Kyon from Haruhi!  I LOVE him.  I want him to be my friend.  :]
-Nite Owl from Watchmen.  He's so awesome.
-Merlin…I wish I could time travel like that, and get it all mixed up in my head.  I kind of feel like I do, sometimes, at least with past events.  Teehee.
-Kaname from Vampire Knight (he's always on my mind…LOL)
-Pagliacci from the opera, for some reason…I think I read a reference to him in Watchmen and I keep thinking about him because his story is so sad.

you want to say and do but cant:
-Read all the time without having to be distracted by everything
-I'm scared about college life
-I really wanna hug Adam.   dammit why do the friends who give the best hugs have to live on the other side of the country??
-I hate all the people who tell you that you are certain not to get a job in your field, while at the same time encouraging your passion.  F****** double standards.  
-::Why is it always what will I do? "What will he do", "What will he do," "Oh, my god what will he do", Do, do, do, do, do. Why isn't the issue here who I am?:: - Maxwell from ATU

you are feeling:

you are planning to dram for DA:
-Aeli and Ryshael
-Maybe a self-portrait or something

you are saving money for:
-College (Since one of my scholarships only covers two years)
-Summer classes (since none of my scholarships cover summer classes and I need to take some for my double major probably)
-Summer music camp/music festivals…LOL as though I'd ever have the money for something that wonderful.  >.<;;
-And I'm anticipating needing money for auditioning to grad school in four years...
-Maybe I should sell my car?...Not that I'd get much for it; I bought it for $6000…
  • Listening to: Sunburn - Muse &lt;3
  • Reading: Watchmen, The Once and Future King
  • Watching: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya episode 4
I can't pronounce that word.  Apparently some Shakespeare actors can, though.  It's from Love's Labour's Lost.  It just means "honorableness."  ^____^;;

1. Hi, welcome to the Writer’s Meme! First, describe yourself in three-to-five words.  (Shall I use adjectives?  *bends the last one*)


2. Okay, good! Now how long have you been writing for?

Since I was five years old.  My first book was a comic book entitled "The Little Dinosaur Runs Away" - only a lot of the letters were written backwards since I hadn't been properly taught to write yet.

3. There’s always the dreaded subject of “Writer’s Block”. What do you do to overcome it?

The way I usually deal with it is to take the opportunity of the time I would have spent writing to read/listen to music/watch movies, etc; in other words, give myself some inspiration.  And I try to make myself at least journal so that I'm still writing a little at least.  

4. Okay! So, what do you like to write about most?

Fantasy!  I have fics including high fantasy/mythology/fairy tales/sci fi, etc.  I like epic stories with original characters.  But I'm up for writing any kind of story, as long as the characters are engaging and original.

5. Aha! What about the bad? What kind of writing do you like the least?

Poetry, when I'm forcing it.  I hate having to write a poem if I'm not inspired.  

6. Do you have a favorite-FAVORITE author? Or just somebody/something inspiring to get you motivated?

I really don't have a favorite author.  I've learned so much from so many authors.  But reading books from my childhood by people like Hilda Van Stockum, L.M. Montgomery, Maud Hart Lovelace, E. Nesbit, C.S. Lewis, and Louisa May Alcott usually inspire me a lot.  Movies from my childhood inspire me, too.  I think it's because my imagination worked so much better back then.

7. So, what is the most you’ve ever written at once, or what is your longest piece?

My longest story was "Butterfly" and it was 27,268 words, to be exact.  Pathetic, huh?  Barely half the size of a proper novel.  

8. Alright, writers tend to ‘baby’ certain characters. What are one or two characters you simply could not live without currently?

Currently?  Idreth and Gareth.  I swear I put them through more angst than any other couple in the history of the world.  *shakes head*...I really couldn't live without them.

9. Well, how do you go about with writing? Any particular format or process?

I have to have some emotion I need to get out to start writing.  If I have no reason to vent some feeling of my own in my characters, I have no inspiration.  If that criterion is met, nothing else matters.  I can write anywhere, anytime, in any situation.  And if I don't have a pencil and paper, I'll rehearse it over in my head so that when I get home I can write it all down perfectly.

10. Gasp! You’re faced with the dilemma of killing one character off. Which one is it and why?

Ummm...I've killed useless characters in the past.  But it was an immature thing to do.  If I were to kill one of my currect characters, I'd have to kill Damon.  I might do that eventually.  He definately deserves it.

11. Well, is there any particular advice you would give to other Authors?

Yes...try not to self-insert.  That is, you should insert your emotions and point of view into all of your characters whenever possible, but try not to put it all into one character, because you'll definately end up with a Sue.  And try to keep a check on the grammar!  Make some effort.

12. So then, where do you see your pieces in anywhere from 5-25 years from now?

Wow, that's a big time frame!  I would love to write for music or fiction-related periodicals.  It is also kind of a dream of mine to publish a series of essays on the Savoy Operas, but I have no idea how long it would take me to have something worth publishing there.  As far as fiction goes, if I ever had time to complete one of my fantasy stories, I would love to try to get it published...but that's a less important and much less realistic pursuit.

13. You’re stuck on an island with a character. Who is it and why?

Oooh.  I choose Igor, Idreth's older brother.  He's really sweet and nice and he would listen to me ramble and he'd let me adopt him as my big brother.  *big brother complex* <3

14.Any Final Comments at all?

Fiction is realer than reality. - An Original Quote by Pheobe Meryll, Esquire.

15. Alright, now go tag some people and thanks for doing this Meme.

You're welcome.  :XD:

:iconmyworld1: :iconladywinter-prose: :iconmj0621: :iconstargate4ever23: :iconsilamir: :icongreenpetaldaisy:...and any of my other friends who write!
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  • Reading: random wikipedia entries
  • Watching: The Bourne Supremacy...*is getting bored*
  • Eating: bread and cheese
  • Drinking: ice water
I am so exhausted.  @_@;;

For the past few weeks, I've been going on a lot of road trips with my mom to my college (it's about three hours north from where I live) and the towns nearby.  It's my first time driving on the highway, so I'm trying to get used to the routes I'll be taking during the school year and school breaks.  I woke up early to practice yesterday and then left the house at twelve with my mom.  I drove to my school and then to Stephanie's apartment and had dinner with her out.  We experimented a lot of different routes this time and went back and forth, so it was nine o'clock by the time we got home.  As we turned onto the street of our house, my cell phone rang and it was my dear friend, Adam.

"Hey!" I said, excited.  We'd been planning to talk for months.

"The new Harry Potter trailer is out," he greeted me.

So of course I went insane and told him to hold on until I got inside and turned on my laptop and went to  HBP looks amazing.  I'm totally re-reading the book for the occasion (not that I forgot any of it).  OMG I am so excited about Draco.  Okay, I know.  But I love the angst he goes through in this book and I'm really happy that the actor is now my age so I don't feel like a pedophile when I think he's sexy.  LOL...anyway.  *cough*  

So then of course we end up talking about a zillion other things and by the time we're through an hour has elapsed and I'm all hyper again.  And I'm going to go to sleep but then I look at my lamp table and "Eclipse" is sitting there.  I had read half of it the night before on a whim, thinking I'd make an attempt to finish it and its sequel before the new one comes out this weekend.  Everyone should know by now that I hate Twilight.  But I admit that it's hard not to get hooked on her stories.  You just want to know how it turns out.  So I read all but like three chapters.  I finished it this morning before work.  -_-;;  I don't really want to get started on the criticism.  It wasn't any better than the first one.  Besides the obvious problems of repetition of phrases and the occasional grammar mistake, the characters really piss me off.  At least Bella and Edward.  I admit, I am a bit of a Jason fan.  At least his story seemed real.  And I like Carlisle, as much as we see of him, though like Edward he is too perfect.  Anyway, I'm going to read the rest of them, and yes, I am going to see the movie, etc.  And I will still complain.  So make fun of me and say I'm secretly enjoying it or whatever you want.  I'm a critic.  *sigh* It makes me want more Vampire Knight.  That there is a much better vampire story.   A bit ickier, and a bit more mature, but so much better.  What is up with the Artemis sword??  I want to know!  >.<;;  I can't wait to read more...

So I was really tired - in fact, dead - at work today.  My boss kind of woke me up, though.  She has a way of doing that, you know; high-energy people always do.  I basically just processed a ton of paperwork (what else is new?), wrote letters to people, took out the mail, brought in the mail, and filed.  Fun stuff.  Then I went home and had dinner and argued with my brother about the nature of superheroes.  Ugh.  He hates all superheroes, basically.  He just hates the idea of superpowers, which I understand; however, I told him that superhero stories were basically "fantasy" stories because they involved the same struggle between humanity and magic, and a chosen one, etc.  For instance, Bilbo's ring gives him the power to become invisible, but that power could corrupt him and turn him into another Gollum.  Harry's powers allow him to talk to snakes and make things happen with his mind, and he risks becoming another Voldemort (or Voldemort himself, if you want to get technical).  Likewise, people with superpowers face the same struggle.  Some become superheroes and some become supervillians.  But it's basically all fantasy with lots of action and usually more than a touch of sci-fi.  Anyway, he didn't want to argue because he was busy helping my sister learn how to string a guitar (lame excuse).  I practiced for a bit and then my exhaustion came back in a heavy wave.  I tried to sleep but ended up laying in bed for three hours, tossing and turning.  So I got up and have now tried the warm-milk-and-anime ordeal, but it's not working.  I'm in some stage of awake-ness, although how awake I cannot be sure, since I've had no actual human interaction for the past few hours.

I'm thinking it's because I chose to watch Lucky Star.  It's kind of a high-energy choice for when you're trying to make yourself fall asleep.  The theme song makes me want to commit suicide, actually.  But it's an amazing anime.  I love Izumi...omg she reminds me of my friends and myself SOOO much.  (nerd :heart:)  I'm not a gamer, but I'm a nerd.  I loved the one scene in episode 4 (I think) where she is all "dangit I can't get to sleep" and then goes "hmmm...maybe I'll read these books I just bought to help me fall asleep..." *TEN HOURS LATER*  "grahhh, the sun is rising and I just finished my last book...I'm sleepy now."  :rofl: :XD:  That is me all over.  Oh, and Akira.  :lmao:  Akira is hilarious.  That's what those "moe" characters are really like.  Wow...

As you can see, I'm completely hyper.  I just wrote my entire bio out there for you.  And I don't do that often.

Sorry about that.  :giggle:
  • Listening to: some anime song
  • Reading: Batman: The Long Halloween
  • Watching: Lucky Star episode 5
  • Drinking: warm milk
Don't you just hate days when you get a funny feeling in your stomach for no apparent reason?

I blame
1 - the weather
2 - stephanie moving out
3 - the weather
4 - i don't know...

Oh well.  I'm going to go practice.
  • Listening to: Erlkonig, D. 328 Schubert/Goethe
  • Reading: Orthodoxy - G.K. Chesterton (again)
  • Watching: Absolute Boyfriend LA series
  • Playing: violin
My darling friend :iconsilamir: lent me her scanner, so I have a dump of deviations (finally)!  I'm very happy because I think a few of these might actually be good!  ^_^  I am greatly enjoying my last month of summer.  I hope everyone else is doing well!

from :mj0621:

Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die:
1.) Play in an opera orchestra
2.) Publish a book
3.) The other thing is none of your business.  :XD:

Three Names You Go By:
1.) Pheobes
2.) Beckula
3.) Cocoa
[and many others...:XD:]

Three Screen Names You Have Had (Other Than This One):
1.) pheobeconbrio
2.) pittising_15
3.) petunia_815

Three Physical Things You Like About Yourself:
1.) Lips
2.) I kind of like my hair...I don't think it's pretty, but somehow I think the fact that it's long and wild sends some kind of a statement...welcome to my deranged mind.  :giggle:
3.) Um, well, if you really want to know, I like my breasts.  *girl pride* :rofl: :XD:

Three Parts Of Your Heritage:
1.) Greek Cypriot
2.) Polish American
3.) And, I hear, a bit of German somewhere in there.   

Three Things That Scare You:
1.) The dark.  :blush:  i really don't like being alone in the dark.
2.) Penguins (I blame Batman Returns!)
3.) Myself

Three Of Your Everyday Essentials:
1.) Internet access
2.) Music
3.) Lip gloss :XD:

Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1.) Blue pajamas
2.) My earrings? :giggle:
3.) My glasses *pushes them up higher on bridge of nose*

Three Of Your Favorite Bands/Musical Artists:
1.) Bryn Terfel
2.) The Beatles
3.) Epica
(I just chose three random ones because there's no way to choose just one)

Three Of Your Favorite Songs:
1.) Winterborn - The Cruxshadows
2.) Lull - Andrew Bird
3.) Gently, Little Boat - Stravinksy (The Rake's Progress)

Three Things You Want In A Relationship:
1.) I don't want pressure...whether to be or do or whatnot.  I would only want someone who wants what I am now.
2.) Innovation/uniqueness (we'll go places and do things that normal couples won't).
3.) ...that's about it.

Two Truths And A Lie:
1.) I've been to Egypt.
2.) I've written a comic book.
3.) I'm a communist.  

Three Physical Things About The Preferred Sex That Appeal To You:
1.) Facial hair.
2.) I like it when guys tease me...but they have to know their limits.
3.) Confidance.

Three of your Favorite Hobbies:
1.) Reading
2.) Writing
3.) Drawing

Three Things You Want To Do Really Badly Right Now:
1.) Watch "Gotham Knight" and read my bro's Batman comics
2.) Write a blog for LJ
3.) Eat something *HUNGER*

Three Careers You're Considering/You've Considered:
1.) Politician/lawyer (I was actually seriously considering it for a while)
2.) English teacher/editor/journalist
3.) Professional musician
(FYI, I am planning to combine the last two for my actual career.)

Three Places You Want To Go On Vacation:
1.) The library :XD: (dead serious here)
2.) Europe
3.) NYC

Three Kid's Names You Like:
1.) Xavier
2.) Xenia (you pronounce the "x" like an "x," not a "z")
3.) Sophocles
(Yes, I would name my children names like these.  We have enough Nicoles and Johns in the world.)

from: :mj0621:

Music Lover Meme


1. Rank yourself on how much you love music, 1 -least 10 -most:
=10,000.  I'm dedicating my freaking life to it, you guys.

2. Genre of music you love:
=Classical/opera/leider/symphonic/etc; broadway/showtunes; folk/rock n roll/blues/classic rock; disco/techno; alternative/emo/gothic rock; indi/new age; j-pop/j-rock; heavy metal/symphonic metal/power metal...that gives you an idea of the variety of genres.

3. Do you play any musical instrument/s or what instrument do you want to learn?
=Violin.  :heart:  I would LOVE to learn voice, cello, and piano.  And I guess something in the woodwind family, although reeds freakin scare me.  (lol)

4. How many CDs do you own?
=200+ (I really need an mp3 player)

5. How many songs do you have on your computer (minus the ones in the CDs)?
= A couple thousand, thanks to file-sharing friends....<.< >.>

6. Favorite Singers/Bands:
=*sigh* What if I name my favorite opera singers?  Will that satisfy you?  Bryn Terfel, Frederica Von Stade, Ian Bostridge, Cecilia Bartoli, Renee Fleming, Rolando Villazon, Kiri Te Kanawa, Nathan Gunn, David Daniels, Deborah Voigt, Angela Gheorghiu.

7. Do you memorize lyrics (easily or have to work hard for it)?
=Pretty easily, depending on what it is.  (When You're Lying Awake With a Dismal Headache = lots of hard work LOL)

8. Are you more of a Singer or Dancer?
=Definately a singer!  I'm a horrible dancer.  >.<;  I'm not a good singer, either, but I'm comfortable with my voice, I guess.

9. In Number 8, did you ever join contests/programs?
=I sang in choirs my entire childhood (my repertoire includes Mozart and Gregorian Chant), but I never competed.  

10. Do you hate it when songs are used in commercials/soundtracks/themesongs?
=I hate commercials that use bad covers of songs (*cough*TARGET*cough).  But it's okay in movies.  Usually they use the original and it introduces me to a song I didn't know.


11a. Can you read music sheets/chords/tabs/etc..?
=Of course!  

11b. What's your favorite note/major, why?
=Favorite key signature, you mean?  E minor.  For some reason I just find it very yummmy.  Angsty.  Lovely.

11c. G clef or F clef?
=What do you think?  You're asking a violinist!  (G = the only one we read, dumbasses that we are.)  By the way - why is C clef not included?  *suspicious that this was written by a fellow violinist*...

12. Do you listen to songs in different languages:
=Yes!  Lots of Italian, German, Russian, and French (opera mostly), and traditional Greek music, and Japanese stuff.  :D

13. Any songs you can relate to?
= These are some songs that relate to my life in general...
Nemo - Nightwish
Dancing Bear - The Mamas and the Papas
I Am A Rock - Simon & Garfunkel

14. Favorite Lyrics:

When life is left behind this isolation
Cruelty and hatred have become
The cause of those whose eyes are full of wanting
The truth will still abandon none

So you must carry this light into the darkness
You shall be a star unto the night
You will find hope alive among the hopeless
That is your purpose to this life

The lips draw words and hands find actions
Still there is more within one heart
Into the silence will you answer
Before the chaos will you come

Do not injustice to another
Defend the weak and innocent
Let truth and honor always guide you
Let courage find the light within

Stand up when no one else is willing
Act not in hatred or in spite
Be to this world as a perfect knight
Even if it means your life

Here i am
Alive among the injured and the dead
Here i am
Thy will be done
Santa sophia (here i am)
Pieces borne to your victory
Athena sophia (here i am)
Thy will be done (how can i hope to live)
What i cannot dream

You cannot map the ways of divinity
This much is known only unto god

And through these doubts and through your confusion
Know that you are chosen to this fight
Look to find a soul filled with compassion
Look to see a living source of light

Do not injustice to another
Defend the weak and innocent
Let truth and honor always guide you
Let courage find the light within

Stand up when no one else is willing
Act not in hatred or in spite
Be to this world as a perfect knight
Even if it means your life

Here i am
Alive among the injured and the dead
Here i am
Thy will be done
Santa sophia (here i am)
Pieces borne to your victory
Athena sophia (here i am)
Thy will be done (how can i hope to be)
What i can't believe

- Sophia, The Cruxshadows

15. Are you in a band/music club?
=Normally involved in a youth symphony and various ensembles.  It's summertime...

16. In a song, which is MORE important for you? Lyrics or Melody/Rhythm?
=Both are very important.  The important thing really is text setting: fitting the music to the mood of the words, and vice versa.  That's why I hate most church/worship music - they do such a terrible job at text-setting.

17. Do you like Remakes/Remixes?
=Not usually.  XD; I'm such a purist...

18. Do you go in concerts/concertos/music festivals/etc...?
=Yes, yes, yes!  I'm dying for the school year to begin so that I can start performing again.

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Hello, everyone!

I've started a Livejournal, and I was just wondering if any of my friends on DA had one, or were planning to have one.  (*PRODS ADDIE-CHAN* <.< *cough*)...Anyway.  Even if you don't have one, it's going to be my open blog, so you can view it if you happen to be interested in my weird thoughts.  ^_^  Here it is:

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Okay, that's it. :heart:

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From :iconsilamir:

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag three people.

If someone says, "Is this okay?" you say?
"Why Have You Brought Me Here?" - Phantom of the Opera
(ummmm...okay so this sounds like an interesting situation)

How would you describe yourself?
"Your Fault" - Into the Woods
(it's my father's fault that the curse got placed and the place got cursed in the first place!!)

What do you like in a guy/girl?
"Little Wild One" - That Thing You Do
(well, apparently i like them to be a bit wild.  XD)

What is your life’s purpose?
"Stars" - Les Miserables
(OMG this is a good one because it's actually a song about Javert's life's hunt down and put jean valjean behind bars.  is this my life's purpose?  news to me. lol)

What is your motto?
"I Hate Men" - Kiss Me Kate
("he may have hair upon his chest, but sister, so has lassie", but i like men.  @_@)

What do your friends think of you?
"I've Grown Accustomed to her Face" - My Fair Lady
(LMAO...that's amazing.)

What do your parents think of you?
"He's a Very Nice Prince" - Into the Woods
(O_o;; wait...what??!)

What do you think about often?
"At the End of the Day" - Les Miserables
(hmmm, I don't think I'd disagree with that.  I tend to think about the future, and I'm pretty pessimistic.)

What is 2 + 2?
"They Say It's Wonderful" - Annie Get Your Gun
(do they, now?  ROFL! XD;;)

What do you think of your best friend?
"The Bed" - Hair

What do you think of the person you like?
"America" - West Side Story
(*sigh* this one has absolutely no significance.)

What is your life story?
"Marian the Librarian" - The Music Man
("heaven help us if the library caught on fire and the volunteer hose brigadesmen had to whisper the news to maaaaaaaaaaaaaaarian..."hm, well, i've spent a lot of time in libraries.  O_o)

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Somewhere - West Side Story
(please don't tell me i'll end up being a puerto rican girl who falls in love with an american gangster who gets killed in a sad...)

What do you think when you see the person you like?
"Jig" - The Little Mermaid
(LOL OMG *gasp* ...hahaha.  idk if i get THAT excited.  XD)

What will you dance to at your wedding?
"Do You Love Me?" - Fiddler on the Roof
("maybe it's indigestion" romantic.)

What do you think of your friends?
"A Puzzlement" - The King & I
(LOL perfect!  "there are times i almost think i am not sure of what i absolutely know/very often find confusion in conclusion i concluded long ago...")

What will you post this as?
"The Barber's Song" - Man of La Mancha
(For the title of this entry?  Oh okay...I'll pick a line from it.  I :heart: this song.)

How are you feeling today?
"Master of the House" - Les Miserables

Where will you get married?
"The Farmer and the Cowman" - Oklahoma!
(No, God, please, not on a farm.  Pleeeeeeease no.)

What is your best friend's theme song?
"Always True to You In My Fashion" - Kiss Me Kate
(wow...i'm glad i don't have a best friend, because she sounds like a slut.  XD)

What is high school like?
"The Rain in Spain" - My Fair Lady
(uhhh...yeah, that's high school for you.)

What is the best thing about you?
"Cool" - West Side Story
(YES!  :w00t:)

How is today going to be?
Three-Five-Zero-Zero - Hair
("Ripped open by metal explosions..." oh dear o_O)

What is in store for this weekend?
"Hippie Life" - Hair
(sounds good)

What song describes my parents?
"All Er Nothin'" - Oklahoma!
(Oh my freaking gosh...well, the phrase fits them.)

How is your life going?
"It's All The Same" - Man of La Mancha
(T_T how sad)

What song will they play at my funeral?
"Who Do You Love, I Hope?" - Annie Get Your Gun
(well, at least it would cheer everyone up LOL)

How does the world see you?
"Hair" - Hair
(YESYESYES "gimme a head with hair/long, beautiful hair/shining, gleaming, steaming, flaxen, waxen/gimme it down to there hair shoudler length or longer/here baby there mama everywhere daddy daddy, hair/show it, flow it, long as god can grow it my hair" :heart:)

What do your friends really think of you?
"Popular" - Wicked
(XD;;;;;  that's just hilarious.  That song is the exact opposite of the way I think.)

Do people secretly lust after you?
"White Boys" - Hair
(the white boys like me?  hmm, i don't know...the first boy to ever hit on me at school was a black boy. XD)

How can you make yourself happy?
"Dulcinea" - Man of La Mancha
(I like this one.  "Dulcinea" comes from the word "dream" in Spanish, if I'm not mistaken.  ^_^)

What should you do with your life?
"She Knows It" - That Thing You Do
(There we go.  I already know, so this question is moot.)

Will you ever have children?
"The Sadder but Wiser Girl" - The Music Man
(LOL...well, apparently!! XD)

What is some good advice?
"To each His Dulcinea (To Every Man His Dream)" - Man of La Mancha
("for with his Dulcinea beside him so to stand/a man can do quite anything/outfly the bird upon the wing/hold moonlight in his hands/yet if you live your life on dreams/it's prudent to recall/a man with moonlight in his hands/has nothing there at all")

What do you think your current theme song is?
"What A Piece of Work Is Man" - Hair

What does everyone else think about your current life?
"Children Won't Listen" - Into The Woods
(apparently they think i'm an obstinant child, not realizing i am an adult now.)

What type of women/men do you like?
"With a Little Bit of Luck" - My Fair Lady
(, i do NOT like drunks who shirk any and every kind of possible work.)

Will you get married?
"For Good" - Wicked
(somehow i don't think this answers the question, except that the song is about love/friendship)

What should you do with your love life?
"Arabian Nights" - Alladin
(well, yes, we could get a lot of ideas from those stories...)

Where will you live?
"The Mirror" - Phantom of the Opera
(Through the looking glass? XD)

What will your dying words be?
"The Flesh Failures/Let the Sunshine In" - Hair
(such philoshopical dying words...and a bit incoherent)

When I meet a guy/girl for the first time I say...
"No One Mourns the Wicked" - Wicked
(XD nice...i should definately start introducing myself that way.  "oh, nice to meet you.  and by the way, no one mourns the wicked.  so watch yourself, dude." XD)

When my parents are angry I say...
"Any Day Now" - Fiddler on the Roof
(that sounds about right.)

I tag:  Whoever wants to do it! :)

my friends!
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Taken from :iconmj0621:

-----------• × • A L L | A B O U T | M E • × •--------------

- Name: Pheobe
- Single or taken: single
- Gender: female
- Birthday: May 27
- Sign: Gemini
- Hair color: dark brown
- Eye color: dark brown
- Height: 5'2"
- Are you straight/bisexual/gay?: very straight

------------• × • F A S H I O N | S T U F F • × •--------------

- favorite place to shop for clothes?: outlets and such...places i can find odd things for less than the usual amount.
- Favorite designer?: i really don't care.
- What is your sexiest outfit?: a short sage green skirt and a low-cut green tank that i wear under a peasant top.  >.>  well, i feel sexy in it, anyway...
- What is your most comfortable outfit?: aside from my lovely pajamas...cargo pants and a loose blouse.
- What do you usually wear?: it depends on the day.  my wardrobe is a bit spasdic.  could be a blouse with a skirt, or jeans, or capri pants...
--------------• × • S P E C I F I C S • × • -------------------

- What kind of shampoo do you use?: garnier fructis.
- What are you listening to right now?: my squeaky fan and the clicking of the keyboard as i type.
- Who is the last person that called you?: ashley-chan. ^_^

-------------• × • F A V O R I T E S • × •-----------------

- Food: cypriot food!  all kinds! stifado, psido, coupes, souvlakia, keftedes, sheftelia, resi, lyko...
- Girls names: Pheobe, Xenia, Ernestine.
- Boys names: Xavier, Leonidas, Sophocles, Orion.
- Subjects in school: English!
- Animals: cats, dogs, any type of rodent that is not a rat

----------------• × • H A V E | Y O U | E V E R • × •-------------

- Given anyone a bath?: yes...some kids i used to babysit.
- Smoked?: never, not even a tiny puff.
- Bungee jumped?: no!
- Made yourself throw up?: ...
- Skinny dipped?: YES! ^___^
- Ever been in love?: i've been obsessed with boys but i don't think it really counts as love.
- Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: i can't make myself cry.
- Pictured your crush naked?: ...shut up. xD
- Actually seen your crush naked?: xD...half-naked, yes.
- Cried when someone died?: yes.
- Lied: um, no duh. (who hasn't?)
- Fallen for your best friend?: almost fell for a close friend.  i caught myself early.
- Rejected someone?: no.
- Used someone?: of course not.
- Done something you regret?: again, no duh.

------------• × • C U R R E N T • × •--------------

- Clothes: pink nightgown with french kitties on it?  o.O;  please don't visualize it...LOL
- Desktop picture: miaka and tamahome from FY
- CD in player: If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears by the mamas and the papas
- DVD in player: Mr Bean's Holiday <3

----------------• × • L A S T | P E R S O N • × •----------------------

- You touched: my friend kiki
- Hugged: prolly my brother
- You IMed: emerson
- Talk to online: emerson
- Sex it up with: wait what

---------------• × • A R E | Y O U • × •---------------------

- Understanding: i try to be.  people used to say i was very judgemental, and i still get that sometimes, so i don't know.  i guess i'm just outspoken about what i think, and i don't like people to bs.
- Open-minded: yes - i don't see any conflict in holding my own beliefs and respecting the views of others.
- Arrogant: i hope not.
- Insecure?: yes.
- Random?: yes!
- Hungry: right now?  no.
- Smart: i'm as smart as i want to be.
- Moody: extremely.  i'm more than 100% sure that i'm manic-depressed; however, no one believes that someone with a 4.0 can possibly be really depressed, and so i continue on my merry way.
- Organized: not really
- Shy: if i'm around people who don't share my vibe
- Difficult: i'm an extremely difficult person.  ask my parents.
- Bored easily: strangely enough, yes.
- Obsessed: yes.  i get obsessed with anything and everything that interests me.
- Angry: very.  i'm angry at a world that sets limitations, stifles creativity, forces people into cookie cutters, and desicrates the sacred.
- Sad: not really...more angry.  lol
- Happy: very!  at this point in life, more happy than i've been in a long time.
- Hyper: oh man...not at the moment, but earlier i was.
- Trusting: not at all. :(

---------• × • W H O | D O | Y O U | W A N N A • × •--------

- Kill?: i couldn't personally kill someone.  but i wouldn't mind seeing bin laden executed.
- Slap?: my old history teacher.
- Get really wasted with?: ...
- Get high with: ...stephanie!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL jk, we'd never get high on anything other than sugar.  xD
- Talk to offline: at the moment?  idk.
- Talk to online: everyone, lol
- Sex it up with: please. what is with this question?  

------------------• × • R A N D O M • × •---------------------

- In the morning I: woke up, had coffee, and talked to people online.
- Love is: evasive and slightly intimidating.
- I dream about: my fears.
- Sexual preference: nerdy guys preferably with facial/long hair and hero complexes.  
- What do you notice first in the opposite sex you're into: 1-body type 2-personality 3-mouth/chin
---------------• × • W H I C H | I S | B E T T E R • × ---------------

- Coke or Pepsi: eh.  coke.
- Flowers or candy: i'm not into that stupid stuff.  he should give me a plastic yoda or draw me a picture instead.  be original for pete's sake.
- Tall or short: taller than me.

---------------• × • W H O • × • ---------------

- Makes you laugh the most: my friends and siblings
- Makes you smile: my younger siblings
- Gives you a funny feeling when you see him/her: no one.

--------------• × • D O | Y O U | E V E R • × •-----------------

- Sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to IM you?: i did once.  he didn't come online.  it sucked.
- Wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: i used to have a major case of penis envy.  this was a couple years back.  i think it was due to some extreme rivalry between myself and several male violinists.  i think i've since embraced my femininity, however.
- Wish you were younger: YES.  i don't want to get any older.  i'm embaressed by the fact that i'm nineteen.  i don't wanna grow up.
- Cry because someone said something to you?: heck yeah.  people telling me i have to be "realistic" and not study violin performance because i'm just not good enough.  people telling me that following your dreams is stupid.  people who think they know everything just spewing out their negativity upon young people...

-----------• × • N U M B E R • × •--------------

- Of times I have had my heart broken: i've only had heartbreaks over my music.  never over a guy.  well...maybe a bit of a heartache, but it didn't break.
- Of guys I've kissed: get thee gone, minion.
- Of girls I've kissed: i'm really seriously not interested in kissing girls.  thank you.
- Of CD's I own: just about 200.  *music whore* ^^
- Of scars on my body: lots of razor cuts around my heel from sloppy shaving, and several others on the rest of my body.

~the end
  • Listening to: Lasagna - Weird Al
  • Reading: The Once And Future King
  • Watching: Pokemon: Indigo League
  • Playing: Tchaikovsky’s Italian Symphony
  • Drinking: Java pop!
Today I wrote, drew, watched anime, and then played Pompey for an hour or so.  After a month's separation, it took us a while to warm up to each other, but he is at length responding to my touch.  And now it's the middle of the night and I have to go to work in the morning and I am determined to spend some time doing uselessness online before then.  Watch me do memes and ramble as much as I want.

*floats around like a dustbunny*  (don't you just love the dustbunny floating music from Totoro?)  *hums it*

Tell 10 things about boy/girl you like...

(does this mean I am describing my ideal?  really?  okay.)

1. Understands all the puns in "brush up your shakespeare" and finds them all hilarious.
2. Facial hair...please?
3. Is a nonconformist, an individualist.
4. Has a passion (besides me).
5. Nerd.
6. Can sing, or at least is not afraid to try.
7. Reads.
8. Is interesting to converse with.
9. Is bigger than me.  Or taller.  You get the idea.
10. Likes my odd qualities, obviously.  He'd have to.

*floats around some more*...

-I was going to do another meme, but I can't think of anything.
-I did another sixties mod makeover today.  I'm still getting down the technique of making the eyes really big.  I have to do the darker streak above my brow line in order for it to show when my eyes are open.  It's really tricky.  But I love how it looks.  I'm really into this vintage makeup thing.  Maybe I should post some experimental pictures here on DA?  After all, it's face art, right?...
-Last Tuesday I saw "The Happening" in theaters.  It really freaked me out.  I need to stop watching M. Knight Shamaylan's movies!  I NEVER like them, and they always end up either disappointing me or freaking me out.  *shivers*  This one especially.
-Okay, this is something I had to resolve.  I never watch movies with Angelina Jolie in them (they just don't interest me), but lately so many people have been telling me I have Angelina Jolie lips that I looked up pictures of her to compare us.  And omgosh, her lips are the same size and shape as mine exactly.  Well, I think my lower lip is a bit more square-shaped.  But it's really funny.  I don't know...I kind of like my lips, but I think they're too big and my eyes are too small.  Whatever.  *bites lower lip*
-I bought a little statue of Athena Nike when I was in Argos.  It's so beautiful.  I remember reading about a statue of Nike in "Betsy-Tacy Go Downtown" when I was really little...they called it The Winged Victory and it inspired Betsy to write this horrible story about a girl named Flossy whose head gets broken off in a bobsled race...Andrea and I used to make fun of it all the time.  She never read the book, though.  Wow, good times.
-My dad's cousin also bought me a little bronze statue of an owl.  And I already have a statue of Pallas Athena, so now I have Athena in three forms.  yay!
-Howard Roark is my hero.
-I want to draw a picture of Howard Roark, but in the opening scene.
-But he's naked in the opening scene.  
-Well, maybe I'll draw him where Dominique first sees him in the grotto, then.
-Ayashi no Ceres is a very angsty anime.  I think it especially appeals to my sense of angst because I have twin siblings who are a boy and a girl.  And they're 15!  Just watch me be all paranoid when they turn 16 next year...
-Speaking of which, why is it that every shojo manga/anime I like recently has to end up having undertones of incest?  I'm refering *SPOILER ALERT* to Vampire Knight.  It's so unclear right might not even be that way...but I tend to think that's because of the translator.  ~_~;;
-I was unpacking my clothes from the trip, and I smelled the ones my Yiayia had washed before I left.  The smell made me miss her.  Why are smells such emotional triggers??
-It's so rainy recently.  I hate rain, and I hate how the sky gets all gray.  You can't see anything but clouds.  It's so depressing.
-But I'm fighting it.  I'm not really depressed at all.  I'm happy to be back with my friends, back at my job, and going to college really soon to be immersed in music!
-I've been listening to Phillip Glass' violin concerto over and over recently.  It's such an amazing piece.  I really want to play it.
-I love Phillip Glass.
-Who says you can't like Phillip Glass and heavy metal and Gilbert and Sullivan?  Says who?  Why can't I like all different kinds of music?  *poubts*
-I'm really tired now.
-I need to go to sleep.
-I watched the original star wars movies over with my sister this week.  We're going to start on episodes 1-3 next.  It had been over a year since I watched those movies!  I'd forgotten how much I love them.  Han Solo, my love forever.
-May the Force be with you.
-Hehe.  That was sheer etiquette, by the way.
-In me there meet a combination of antithetical elements which are at eternal war with one another.  Driven hither by objective influences - thither by subjective emotions - wafted one moment into blazing day, by mocking hope - plunged the next into the Cimmerian darkness of tangible despair, I am but a living ganglion of irreconcilable antagonisms.
-I hope I make myself clear.
-That was from HMS Pinafore.
-Oh dear, I might have just gotten my second wind.
-You know what's a really good movie?  Mr. Bean's Holiday.  I loved the part with Carson Clay.  I laughed so hard.  My friend and I played that part over like three times, it was so funny.
-I really need to stop writing and leave.
-Arthur Rackham pwns.
-Look up his "seigfried slays fafner" illustration.
-I can never spell Siegfried right.
-Who cares.  It's a stupid name.
-*Nicklausse scolds Pheobe for showing disrespect to Wagner's memory* Oh, fine.  It's not a stupid name.
-But Mary Ann is.  
-Oh, my big little brother nicknamed me Pheobes.  Isn't it awesome?  His name online is Itshall.
-My other brother is called Ifnot.
-It's a long story about a flying boot.  Yes.  Both names are characters from an original epic story of my youngest brother's called The Legend of the Flying Boot.
-When my younger sister and I requested that we be given epic nicknames as well, we were christened Hazelnut (her) and Coacoa (me).  Somehow this isn't feeling too epic.  But reminiscent.  Yes, very reminiscent of Nutella.  Does anyone here eat Nutella??
-I just scandelized a friend by my lack of knowledge of pop culture (I didn't know who George Carlin was).  I must seem annoyingly stupid.  >.<;
-Oh, well.  Everyone else's lack of knowledge of classical literature and legendariums is annoying to me.  So there.
-I mean, half the people you meet on the street can't even tell you the name of three of Robin Hood's merrie men, or enumerate the twelve major Greek deities, or know where the phrase "veni, vidi, vici" originated.
-It really frustrates me sometimes.  I start to wonder where are all the people who write books about these things?  I know they exist.
-I get really negative really fast, don't I?  It's hard to keep from going that route.  I'm a very lively person, but I tell you, I am a pessimist.
-Alrighty, ladies and gentlemen, I think I will now be going to bed before I inflict any more mental damage upon my readers.  (Not that I expect to have any for this bit of nonesense - if you bother to read this, I heartily apololigize for the uselessness of it all!)  So Yases bethia, and all that.
-Good night.
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-  Now that I'm back, I'm working on :iconstargate4ever23:'s comissions, all the pictures I mentioned to :iconsilamir:, and some other fan-related material.
-  I have no scanner.
-  Which means I may have to mooch off some of my friends again.
-  which means it may be a bit before i put anything up
-  which of course, really doesn't matter.

Oh yes, and I'm trying to write a lot more, so let's see if "Dogwood Petals" doesn't get an update soon, okay?  Okay.

I'm really enjoying these character memes.

Choose twelve of your original characters, in any particular order. Then, answer the questions that follow, but DON'T LOOK AT THE QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU PICK THE CHARACTERS!

1. Cruetia
2. Moryn
3. Clebyn
4. Pieta
5. Ishmiel
6. Reginald
7. Spetha
8. Anhelm
9. Gareth
10. Idreth
11. Infanta
12. Dolion

1. Who would make a better college professor, 6 or 11?
Wow.  Infanta would have trouble since she's I guess Reginald.  He's seasoned, literate, and smart.  The only problem is his class would have to be either a class in con-artist techniques or illegal weapons dealing.

2. Do you think #2 is hot? How hot?
Umm, if you asked Nocturne, he might say yes.  But I wouldn't describe her as such.  She's more cute - she has a soft, maternal face and the body of a very young girl with wings.

3. 12 sends 8 on a mission. What is it, and does it succeed?
LOL...this sounds so hilarious!  Dolion would probably send him to do some trivial but nasty errand, like cleaning up a mess of dead spiders in the woods.  Anhelm would definately fail.  He would lose the note or sprain his ankle on a log or get attacked by spiders.  But he would fail either way.  And Dolion would be pissed, but happy he didn't have to deal with Anhelm anymore.

4. What is or would be 9's favorite book?
Gareth's favorite book is probably some sort of adventure tale he used to read when he was a kid.  Awww.

5. Would it make more sense for 2 to swear fealty to 6, or the other way around?
Ummmmm...hmmmm.  Reginald's mission is to free people like Moryn, so it wouldn't make much sense for her to swear fealty to him.  However, Reginald would never swear fealty to anyone, so it doesn't make sense that way either.  Moryn would be more likely to subordinate herself, for whatever reason.

6. For whatever reason, 5 is looking for a roommate. Should 5 share a studio apartment with 9 or with 10?
Oh my gosh.  This is something I've thought about a lot, actually.  Ishmiel and Gareth would get along so well.  They'd be the perfect roommates.  Of course, that would create problems for Gareth's marriage...

7. 2, 7, and 12 have dinner together. Where do they go, and what do they discuss?
Dolion would carefully choose the place, which would be some high-class restaurant appropriate for the ladies he's taking out.  Spetha wolfs her dinner down and Moryn doesn't eat anything but bread dipped in water.  Dolion is scandelized at their unladylike behavior.  The two girls and up becoming best friends, discussing everything from the fate of the magical creatures of the world to how annoying their brothers are while Dolion ignores them and smokes his pipe, glancing at the clock impatiently every few minutes.

8. 3 challenges 10 to a duel. What happens?
The only way this could happen is if the two were in a very intense argument, as Velkries don't fight.  Especially not someone as weak as Clebyn.  Idreth would realize that he was upset and apoligize before things got any worse.

9. If 1 stole 8's most precious possession, how would 8 get it back?
He'd try to track her down and steal it from her, but since his most precious possession is also his tracking device, he would not be able to find her.  Hmmm...

10. Suggest a title for a story in which 7 and 12 both attain what they most desire.
"The Liberation of Felton and the Triumph of An Ardent But Denied Love"  (...I think I just let the cat out of the bag...)

11. What kind of plot device would you use if you wanted 4 and 1 to work together?
I wouldn't, because they are both too mild of characters to make an interesting story.  But if I had to, I'd station Adam and the rest of Pieta's gang in Cruetia's woods and make the two stumble upon each other.

12. If 7 visited you for the weekend, how would you get along?
I get the feeling she wouldn't like me.  She doesn't have many friends, and most of them are more spectacular than me.  Plus she'd want to go to the beach all the time, and I'd rather read a book.

13. If you could command 3 to perform any one task or service for you, what would it be?
Clebyn?  Maybe I'd ask him for a hug.  He doesn't have a lot of abilities, but he is so cute.  ^_^

14. Does anyone on your friends list write or draw anything regarding 11?
No...most of the characters my friends do things with are my role-playing characters, and I've never role-played Infanta.

15. If 2 had to choose sides between 4 and 5, which would it be?
Moryn would definately choose Ishmiel's side over anyone's.  Although I find it hard to imagine Pieta even having a side.

16. What might 10 shout while charging into battle?
"Save me!"

17. If you chose a song to represent 8, which song would you choose?
"Dancing Bear" by the Mamas and the Papas.  <3

18. 1, 6, and 12 are having dim sum at a Chinese restaurant. There is only one scallion pancake left, and they all reach for it at the same time. Who gets to eat it?
Dolion would insist that Cruetia get to eat it (I think he would respect the fact that she is a hamadryad - it's as close to an elf as Greek mythology gets, and anyway she's a girl).  Reginald would roll his eyes and order himself an eggroll.

19. What might be a good pick-up line for 3 to use on 7?
Clebyn isn't quite one for pick-up lines...he'd be more likely to tell her she has pretty hair, or nice teeth, or something.  :D

20. What would 5 most likely be arrested for?
She's been arrested several times before and has the death penalty on her head for witchcraft.  By now she also has dealing with illegal substances and weaponry, destruction of others' property, and identity theft on her list of offenses.

21. What is 6's secret?
He has a very deep, dark secret concerning his relationship to to the queen and to Ishmiel.  I figured it out one day in the middle of Government class.  I'm not telling, though...I don't like to spoil my story plots before I write them.

22. If 11 and 9 were racing to a destination, who would get there first?
Gareth, of course.  Infanta is out of shape, and he's a trained soldier.

23. If you had to walk home through a bad neighborhood late at night, would you feel safer in the company of 7 or 8?
Hmm.  I don't know that either would be very able to protect me, but I think Anhelm might make more of an effort.

24. 1 and 9 reluctantly team up to save the world from the threat posed by 4's sinister secret organization. 11 volunteers to help them, but it is later discovered that he is actually a spy for 4. Meanwhile, 4 has kidnapped 12 in an attempt to force their surrender. Following the wise advice of 5, they seek out 3, who gives them what they need to complete their quest. What title would you give this fic?
"Quest Improbable"
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I'm back!!!!!!!!! Call me!  Message me!  I can't wait to see everyone!

I've been to the Cyclades islands of Mikonos and Santorini (the center of which is an active volcano), Crete, and all over the mainland of Greece.  I visited the Acropolis of Athens, the Acrocorinthos in ancient Corinth, the old road to Argos along which Hercules performed his fabled twelve labors, and Palamidi Castle in Nauplion; I sang the Pirate King's song by Gilbert and Sullivan while standing in the center of the ancient amphitheater in Epidaurus; I saw the exact spot that Pythia gave her oracles at Delphi, and I walked over the original olympic stadium in Mount Olympia.  I visited Mycenia and saw the tomb of
Clytemnestra, Agamemnon's treacherous wife.  And I walked through the hills of Arcadia!  Arcadia - the idyllic Arcadia - a synonynm for paradise, utopia, eden, etc.  Looking at the fabled landscapes, I felt like piping Pandaen pleasure or giving a Daphnephoric bound...(LAWL)...okay, enough Gilbertian poesisms. <--(new word I invented <3) And of course after that were the ten long days in Cyprus with my relatives.  There is so much to tell about!  But I got really homesick towards the end.  I am speaking in utter truthfulness when I say that there is nothing like traveling abroad to make me realize how much I love America.  And I don't mean that in a negative sense; I think that everyone must feel the same way when away from his or her homeland for a long time.  We all want to come back to what is comfortable and familiar.  


MEME: from :iconmj0621: (thank you! XD)


1.Choose a few of your own characters. five at the most.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Then tag three people.
4. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!!

a. Gareth
b. Idreth
c. Hud
d. Cruetia

1. How old are you?
Gareth:  Older than you.
Idreth:  *politely* Sixteen.
Hud:  Man, that is a very good question, but you know, it really begs the answer, is time really so important as we make it?  Or is it just a consequence of our corrupt system?  I mean, think about it...
Cruetia:  *stares, not quite understanding*

2. What's your height?
Gareth:  6'7"
Idreth:  I don't know...
Hud:  Who the hell are you, man?  An army recruiter?
Cruetia: Go away.

3. Are you a virgin?
Gareth:  Haha, very funny.
Idreth:  *blushes* Not anymore.
Hud:  My purity lies in my acceptance of the beauty of life, brother.  It's not about the flesh, the mere physical.  You must rise from it in order to gain true...*Pheobe forces him to shut up and hands the microphone to Cruetia*
Cruetia:  Yes.

4. Who's your mate/spouse?
Gareth:  That little girl over there.
Idreth:  Gareth.  We were married last Saturday.
Hud:  It's complex.
Cruetia: I don't have anyone like that, and I don't want anyone.

5. Do you have any kids?
Gareth: Not yet.
Idreth: *echoes* not yet.
Hud:  Um...I think so...
Cruetia:  Hamadryads do not procreate in the fashion human mortals do.

6. What makes you happy?
Gareth: Doing what I want and doing it well.  What else could make a person happy?
Idreth: I don't know...I guess being with people I love.
Hud: Standing under the open sky on a cloudless day.
Cruetia:  Being with my tree and among my sister dryads.

7. What is your favorite food?
Gareth: Steak.
Idreth: I really like sweets.  Any kind, really.  I never had any while I was at the convent.
Hud: Marshmellows.
Cruetia: Clear, sweet spring water.

8. Have you killed anyone?
Gareth:  Of course.  Stop asking stupid questions.
Idreth: Never!  *shudders*
Hud:  I burned that draft card.
Cruetia: No.

9. Do you hate anyone?
Gareth: Useless people.  There are a lot of them in the world.
Idreth: Half the time, my husband.  *blushes*  Don't tell him.
Hud: I'm free from that kind of thing, brother.  It's not worth the time it takes to think about it.
Cruetia: Damon.

10. Have any secrets?
Gareth: Pshh.  Would you tell me again who the hell you are, and why you're so full of shit?
Idreth: I just told you one.
Hud:  I keep no secrets from the world.
Cruetia: I've been forced to keep secrets from some, as unnatural as it is to me.

11. What is your job?
Gareth:  Military commander.
Idreth:  Housewife.
Hud:  Job?  What job?
Cruetia:  I've become a tool - a spy - for the man I hate the most.

12. What do you do to relax?
Gareth: Drink and play cards.
Idreth: I don't some embroidery?  I used to play with the cats at the convent.  I love cats.
Hud: There are a great many things that I do for relaxation.
Cruetia:  I don't understand what you mean.

13. Where would you rather be lost- in a deserted village in the middle of a haunted forest surrounded by undead cults, or in a desert dotted with ruins filled with gold but no available water source?
Gareth: Hmmm.  The deserted village would be more interesting, but the gold would be more profitable.  *shrugs*  It would depend on my mood.  The undead cults, probably.
Idreth:  Goodness!  Neither!
Hud:  Hmm?  Wait, say that again.
Cruetia:  The village.  I could not live without water.

14. What are/were your parents like?
Gareth:  My father was a military dog like myself, but he's too old for it now.  My parents are like any other parents.
Idreth:  My mother was very much like me.  My father was a nobleman and the king's top military advisor.  I try very hard to honor their memories.
Hud:  I'm not sure if I ever met my father.  My mother works in a restaurant in Brooklyn.
Cruetia: They are big, beautiful trees, still in the forest I came from.  I miss them very much.

15. Do you want to say something to your readers?
Gareth: I only say what I want to say.  And I don't want to say anything other than I already did.  Except for that.
Idreth: I suppose I should thank them for reading this.
Hud:  Peace, man!
Cruetia: *stares* readers?

16.Do you like your creator?
Gareth:  She's a stupid little girl who spends too much time daydreaming.
Idreth:  She scares me.
Hud:  Yeah, I like her.  She's almost there, you know?  But not quite.  Give her time, yeah, give her time, brother...
Cruetia:  I have mixed feelings for her.

...those are all my friends who I know have characters, but anyone else who wants to do it is also tagged! :)
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What day is it today?  Wednesday, June 18.  I left on May 28.  I've been out of my homeland for 21 days…that's exactly 3 weeks.  

For those of you who didn't know, that's why I haven't been on much recently.  The only reason I have computer access right now is because I had to finish a report for the study abroad part of my trip.  I was touring the Cyclades Islands and Greece for the first two weeks, and the rest of the month I have been spending in Cyprus, where my dad grew up.  The last time I visited here was nine years ago…

Don't get me wrong, I love Cyprus, and especially my family here.  They're my favorite relatives.  And I loved Greece and I have so much to tell about it.  But I am so homesick right now!  A combination of not knowing the language very well, having only my sister and cousin for friends, and natural displacement are contributing to that effect, I think.

So basically I wanted to update everyone and tell them I miss them a ton (more than you could imagine), and that I will be coming back this Monday.  

Five more days to go!

And now I will peel myself away from the computer…Yases bethia!  S' agapo, philagia mou!  :heart: :heart: heart:
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I just watched the last episode of Cowboy Bebop.  Words can't express it…that feeling you get at the end of a story you loved very much.  It's a feeling of depression and possessive sadness, like you can't stand to give it up – like you can't stand to leave it.  I used to feel that way about a lot of stories when I was younger…like when I first finished the Chronicles of Narnia, or Lord of the Rings.  I would get really depressed and hide somewhere in a corner.  This time I just wept liberally and listened to the music over and over.  It was so sad.  And so…eloquent.  The ending reflects exactly what I feel about life right now.  Don't laugh.  I'm serious.  (I was considering using a semicolon between those two clauses, but I thought that would look affected.  I'm just rambling.  This is no work of literature.)  Everything that's worth fighting for – what is it in the end?  A dream.  A hero dies in the dirt like everyone else.  He is mortal.  Everything is mortal, temporary.  There is no permanence.  We form connections and we make bonds, and in the end we are parted from those we love.  

Sometimes fiction is realer than reality.  I don't care if that statement makes me look like a naïve, bookish little nerd…it's true.  Fiction doesn't substitute for, but rather amplifies truth.  I can't stand those people who aren't touched by a good story.  The kind of people who "don't get" the Orwell or Steinbeck or Salinger that they have to read for lit class.  The kind of people who "hate sad endings."  People like that really are afraid of the dark.  They're afraid of the darkness of the human soul.  The darkness of mortality.  Wasn't it Truman who said "if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen?"  The sad part is, the world IS the kitchen.  So if you can't stand the heat – or at least look it in the eye and understand it enough to acknowledge its presence – if you can't even do that, you are screwed, because there is no escape.  We are all encased in the broiling hot kitchen of mortality.  We are all in the same situation.  And to ignore that fact is to be in denial.

For what's the sound of the world out there?
Those crunching noises pervading the air!
It's man devouring man, my dear!

Am I even making sense?

I hate these little rants.  They're just pieces of my brain…my brain that goes every which way and is nothing more than a scraggly, lumpy patchwork quilt of songs lyrics, books, animes, dramas, historical quotations, and philosophy.  I don't blame anyone who gets a good laugh out of what I just wrote here.  I have no pretenses.  It's exactly what's going through my head.  And it's probably crap.  Oh, well.  At least I feel better now that I wrote it.
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YES!!  Finals are OVER!  I haven't got my grades back yet, so I'm trying my best to distract myself from worrying about them.  *shakes head.*  I'm a chronic worrier.  Other than that, though, I'm extremely happy.  I got the financial aid I needed (full scholarship!) for the private university I'll be attending next year.  I also was able to speak to the deans of the different departments, and it looks like I'll be able to either double major or minor in English in addition to my violin performance degree.  Oh, and the university requires me to study a modern language, so I'll be taking Italian (which I've wanted to study ever since I began to obsess over opera! <3).  The music program at this school is very rigorous, and they have an opera company…I'm so so so excited.  I'm finally going away to school!  *dances*

Anyway, I have exactly a month off before I have to go anywhere or do anything besides work and practice.  I'm going to catch up big time on all the things I wanted to do this semester and last but didn't have time for.

Books to read:

-Children of Hurin
-Franny and Zooey
-The Inner Voice
-The Red Pony

Animes to watch:

-Magic Knight Rayearth
-Cowboy Bebop
-Neon Genesis Evangelion
-The Vision of Escaflowne
-The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
-Rave Master
-Flame of Recca
-DN Angel
-Buso Renkin
-Fruits Basket
-Azumanga Daioh

Mangas to read:

-Fruits Basket
-Buso Renkin
-DN Angel
-Cheeky Angel
-Magic Knight Rayearth

Music to listen to:

-Debussy's La demoiselle clue
-G&S' The Grand Duke
-Bob Marley
-Dresden Dolls

Things to draw and hopefully post on DA:

-More Lost fan art
-All the chars from my latest story

Things to write:

-Revise "Guardians"
-Work on and pick a name for the new story!!
-Work on G&S book, if I can get myself in an analytic mood.  (I'm writing a collection of essays on the relivancy of Gilbert and Sullivan operas to the modern audience - something I believe strongly in. :heart:)

And if I can get around to re-watching the shows…
-Fushigi fanfic (I want to do something with Nakago/Soi :heart: )
-Possible Mononoke "alternate ending" fanfic :XD:
-And, of course, expanded version of my Lost fanfic

And hopefully I'll be able to get the scanner working and some art up soon!  <3 ^_^/

Before I go, I just read a marvelous phrase in Franny and Zooey that I thought I should share.  "He lacks testicularity."  LAWL.
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Before I start rambling, let me apologize for not posting anything in so long.  I have things I want to put up, but the computer attached to our scanner is currently dead, so I have to means of getting things up.  ~_~  I know no one is holding his breath, but I thought I owed an explanation.

There's a song from Hair that completely describes me at this point in life.  It's all taken from Shakespeare, but they "remixed" the verses a bit and it gives it new meaning.  The melody is very simple and spiritual.  Look it up; it's by Galt MacDermot.

What a piece of work is man
How noble in reason
How infinite in faculties
In form and moving
How express and admirable
In action how like an angel
In apprehension how like a god
The beauty of the world
The paragon of animals

I have of late
But wherefore I know not
Lost all my mirth
This goodly frame
The earth
Seems to me a sterile promontory
This most excellent canopy
The air-- look you!
This brave o'erhanging firmament
This majestical roof
Fretted with golden fire
Why it appears no other thing to me
Than a foul and pestilent congregation
Of vapors

What a piece of work is man
How noble in reason

So here's a thingummy that I stole from Addie.  I needed the introspection.

Ten Category Random List:

Give Five Random things about you as a:
(If not applicable, skip or leave blank; if can't fill in all blanks, chill. It's not the end of the world.)

1You, yourself:

-If I like something, I LOVE it.  There are very few things (from books, historical figures, music to real people) that I can like without obsessing over.  If I like someone/something, I feel that I must like it/him/her thoroughly, I guess.

-I make up stories and tell them to myself at night.  I've done it since I was really young.

-When I compare myself to other people my age, I often feel completely trapped and insecure, to the point where I want to just hide in a corner and cry.  But when I look at myself as an individual, I feel absolutely happy and confidant.  It's really weird how my confidence swings from one direction to the other so easily.

-I hate math. So much that I'd rather look like an idiot when someone asks me what a discount price is than do the math.  It hurts my brain.  I hate it.

-For some reason I always end up thinking about philosophy at the most random times.  I think about fate a lot.  I like to think I'm an existentionalist, but when I feel the cold, clammy hand of what seems to be destiny constantly upon my shoulders, it's hard to keep believing that I still have free will.  It makes so much sense in theory...

2Family member:

-I'm your typical second child.  Seriously.  I live up to all the stereotypes.  I'm the rebel of the family, and I am opposite from my older sister in every possible way.  It makes people laugh to see us together.

-I'm a complete Daddy's girl.  Which is weird, considering we had a really bad relationship when I was younger.  But we are very close now.

-I have four siblings - two sister and two brothers.

-My oldest little brother is my confidant when it comes to boy talk.  It's really weird because you typically discuss such things with your sisters...but my sisters have never been into that.  He doesn't mind, though, and he talks to me about girls, so it all works out. XD

-I always wanted an older brother.  I have an older sister, a younger sister, and two younger brothers.  Almost perfect...damn.


-I have a 4.0, and I hate it when people stereotype me as a "model student."  Truth be told, I honestly hate working with the system, and I wish I had the guts to be a rebel and flunk a class or two.  I absolutely hate students who tout and are all over their good grades and achievement awards and crap like that.  The only reason I do well in school is for my personal benefit, so that I can succeed in life.  I'm not trying to please anyone or make anyone proud.  

-People say I have a good work ethic, but I'm the opposite of a workaholic.  I have to have fun once in a while, or I get depressed and loose motivation.  I kind of feel like there's more to life than success, and I want to enjoy it while I still can.

-I HAVE to contribute to class discussions.  Even if I hate the subject, hate the teacher, have a headache, am matter what, I think of something to say and raise my hand.  Compulsive chatterbox, I guess.  XD;

-I am a paper-pusher.  I get paid nine dollars an hour for it!  My bosses are married, and they're really funny and random.  I love my job.

-I work really hard at violin.  It's not my only interest, and I started when I was ten, so I'm no prodigy; still, it means so much to me.  Throughout high school my symphony music was, without question, infinitely more important to me than my school work.  Despite that, I've often felt deprived of opportunities here in my hometown, so I'm extremely happy that I'm going to be going to a good college next year.  I am going to work harder than ever.


-I'm scared of letting myself get too dependent on anyone.

-I feel like I have secrets.  There are some things I don't tell any of my friends, even the closest ones.  I guess I'm scared of being vulnerable.

-When I meet or see someone who I really like, I usually start mentally obsessing over how cool that person is, and I can't stop thinking about him until I finally become friends with him.  This applies to girls and guys.

-Even if I like a guy, I'm not possessive at all.  I'll encourage him in his crushes on other girls, and support him through the breakup.  At least I know I have his friendship, if not his love.

-When I was younger, I didn't have many friends because they were pretty much limited to the children of my parents' friends and children who were in classes with me.  Now that I'm older and at a junior college, I have tons of friends, and they're extremely diverse, all different ethnicities, races, sexes, and backgrounds.  I LOVE this fact.  It keeps life interesting and makes me learn.  And it makes me happy to find common ground with them all.

5Internet Person:

-Wikipedia is my source for all knowledge and wisdom.  (Well, that may be a slight exaggeration)'s definitely my favorite site.

-As bad as I feel each time I use them, I adore emoticons.  ^_^d <.< >.>;;

-I edit  I began editing the first time an opera aria was used for the soundtrack.  I checked the site the next day and there was no entry, so I made one myself.  (It was "Voi Che Sapete" from Le Nozze Di Figaro.)  Since then they've featured another aria, and I also made a page for it.  I get a satisfaction from this: the triple satisfaction of being a hardcore opera nerd, Lost nerd, and wiki nerd.

-I absolutely HATE checking my email because I know I'll have emails about school, etc.  I also hate social networks recently.  

-I get all my anime and TV shows (except for Lost) online because I don't have cable.

6Music Lover:

-Sometimes I can't stand not to play my violin and I have to start playing or I'll explode.  And then once I start, I can't stop, even if I'm dead tired or have nothing left to play.

-I listen to all different genres and types of music.  Each suits my different moods, and I have a lot of different moods.  It would be hard to categorize my musical tastes.

-I have at least ten of the Gilbert and Sullivan operas memorized, and I go mad if I don't listen to them every once in a while.  Sometimes I'll randomly burst into a recitative or patter-song ("I had intended not to intrude myself upon your notice in this effective but alarming costume, but under these peculiar circumstances, it is my bounden duty to inform you that your proceedings will not be unwitnessed!") <-- like that.  I sang it as I typed.  *sigh*

-I've sung in choirs all my life, until I started attending junior college, and then I didn't have the time anymore.  I used to get occasional solos, though, and some people still say I have a nice voice. <.< >.>

-I hate music theory.  It's going to be my bane as a music major.  I get A's, but they're extracted painfully.

-One more (I'm cheating!).  When I was twelve, my dad brought three huge boxes of vinyl records home from work.  They were discards from the music library, and we had a record player.  At least 1/3 of those records were opera records (mostly recitals by the greats like Birgit Nilsson, Leontyne Price, Enrico Caruso, Zinka Milanov, Lily Pons, Franco Corelli, Robert Merril, Mario Lanza, etc).  So of course I started listening to them and that was my introduction to opera.  The rest is history; I became completely obsessed, listened to every opera I could get my claws on, started listening to the Met broadcasts, subscribed to Opera News, and read libretto books.  When I first started listening to those records, I would obsess quietly in the corner with my headphones on and feel personally injured whenever anyone made fun of opera; now I'm very extroverted about it (obviously) and proud that I know as much as I do, though I really know very little when it comes to the huge canon out there.  

7TV Addict/Movie Buff:

-I really don't watch TV much.  I usually only watch when I'm extremely depressed and don't want to think even enough to follow a plotline.

-The one show that I do watch regularly is Lost.  I've been watching it since halfway through Season 1, and my whole family watches it.  I've rewatched each season at least once or twice, and as I mentioned before, I edit  I am proud to be part of the cult following of a show that I think will go down in TV history as one of the best ever made.

-This is a result of my occasional late-night depressive TV watching:  I hate Sex and the City.  Why the HECK does Carrie go for Bigg over Aiden?  And more importantly, why does the entire fandom  seem to support Bigg?  He's a horrible person, and Aiden is like, every girl's ideal boyfriend.  He's perfect.  That show makes me mad (which is why I don't watch it LOL) flames, please.  o__o

-Movie-wise, I <3 Miyazaki's films.  I've watched all of them (with the exception of two that I didn't finish) and they're just amazing.

-Another show that I like besides Lost is That 70s Show.  The thing about that show is that I love almost any ship.  Especially Jackie ships.  I like Jackie/Kelso, Jackie/Hyde, and ESPECIALLY Jackie/Fez.  Wait a minute...Jackie/Eric?  omg, no.  *shudders*  I take it back.


-I suck at games.  =)


-I've never attempted to count how many books I own, but I can give you a good idea of the demographics:  I've been collecting since I was four years old, I have two full bookcases, five full wall shelves, and there are still books all over my floor.

-I'm obsessed with classical literature.  I think the way it happened was that I started realizing how many references there are to the classics in everything (film, music, other books) and I couldn't stand to be ignorant.  It still bothers me every time I hear a reference to a book I haven't yet read, even if I know the author and basic plotline.  It's a terrible feeling, like an unquenchable thirst.

-Whenever the library at school has discards, I end up bringing anything that looks remotely interesting home.  Result:  various commentary on classical literature, a whole series on public speaking, and the complete works of Winston Churchill, all sitting on my shelf, unread as of yet.

-I read my first Shakespeare play (Hamlet) when I was 12.  In quick succession, I read 17 more of his plays, and then I realized I should move on to other things.  I plan to finish them up one day, though.  

-Looking back at my childhood, it seems like all I did was read.  My memories of the wonderful books I read back then (Hilda Van Stockum, Astrid Lingren, E. Nesbit, CS Lewis, Eleanor Estes, historical novels) are even stronger in my memory than anything I actually did back then.

10Random person:

-On hot nights, or when I'm feeling depressed, I sleep naked.

-I tend to say things without thinking.  I really am an extrovert.  I'm trying to learn to tone it down a little...

-I have an odd obsession with my hair.  I had a series of nightmares about getting my hair cut a while back, and I haven't cut it since.  Somehow I feel it defines me.  Probably the influence of the musical "Hair."

-I love mice!  They're so cute!  I have two for pets.

-I love to annoy my really good friends, or relatives.  XD
  • Listening to: Chobits theme
  • Reading: my music theory book.
  • Playing: violin
:iconmj0621: tagged me again.  :D  :bounce:

Otaku much? Try answering these questions: NO CHEATING (i think i broke this rule...shhh!!!!)

Name 10 anime you LOVE: (No order needed)
-Fushigi Yugi
-Azymanga Daioh
-Rurouni Kenshin (I only like the manga, though, so does this count? O__o)
-Legend of Basara
-Death Note
-Vampire Knight
-Fruits Basket
-Sailor Moon
-Buso Renkin

Do you know the difference between TokyoPop and ShonenJump?
-TokyoPop is more expensive by like a dollar at least.  LOL.  And they seem to publish mostly shojo whereas ShonenJump publishes (you'll never guess) shonen!

Give 5 TokyoPop anime/manga:
-Kare Kano/His and Her Circumstances
-Fruits Basket
-Tokyo Mew Mew
-DN Angel

Give 5 ShonenJump anime/manga:
-Rurouni Kenshin
-Shaman King

Give 5-10 Jpop/Jrock songs, what anime they came from and if it's opening/closing theme song:
- "For Fruits Basket" (self-explanitory) - opening theme (i LOVE this song, it's so sweet)
- "Sobakasu" Rurouni Kenshin - opening theme (I'm the only one in the world who actually likes that song)
- Tonari No Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro - closing theme
- Fuse of Excitement - Fushigi Yugi - closing theme (*dances*)
- Asue No Yuuki - Magic Knight Rayearth - opening theme (I think?)
- "Change the World" - Inuyasha - opening theme

Name 3-5 Jpop/Jrock singers/bands:
-Judy and Mary

Give 15 anime/manga characters you love and what anime/manga they came from: (no order needed) GOOD I cant decide.
-Saito Hajime - Rurouni Kenshin
-Hiko Sejuro - Rurouni Kenshin
-Momiji Sohma - Fruits Basket
-Yukari Tanizaki - Azumanga Daioh
-Nuriko - Fushigi Yuugi
-Shippo - Inuyasha
-Kagura - Inuyasha
-Sailor Mercury (Ami) - Sailor Moon
-Yahiko - Rurouni Kenshin
-Tsubame - Rurouni Kenshin
-Zero - Vampire Knight
-Shigure Sohma - Fruits Basket
-Shido - Basara
-Soi - Fushigi Yuugi
-Pikachu - Pokemon
-L - Death Note
(yes, I can count, but I added more XD)
How many mangas do you have? And what are they?
Rurouni Kenshin 1, 3-7, 18-28 (spasdic, but I'm almost there)
Buso Renkin 1-10
...that's all.  I'm poor.  D:

How many Japanese words do you know? (Applies to non-Japanese peeps only)
hmmm, let's count!!  konichiwa, -chan, -kun, -san, baka, hime, gyoza, get the idea...

What is:

The longest anime you watched? Fushigi Yuugi
The longest manga you read? The longest I attempted to read was Inuyasha (I didn't finish it b/c it was so long)
The shortest anime you watched? Legend of Basara (because they didn't finish it *SOBS*)
The shortest manga you read? Azumanga Daioh
The most horrible anime you watched? Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X's not like the manga at all! >.<;;;
The most horrible manga you read? ...let's just say I'm not into anything slash, even the softer stuff.
The first anime you watched? The first anime I ever saw would have been either pokemon or sailor moon when i was leetle.  But my first anime that I watched all of was Fushigi.

Do you like:

Shojo/Shounen? Yes, both.
Yuri/Yaoi? NO, thank you (I revert to my former statement)
Subbed/Dubbed? Subbed!!
watching in the internet or tv? Internet!  (only place you can get subs)
older/newer anime? Older, mostly

How long do you spend reading/watching anime/mangas (per week)? I have no idea.  Not very much, obviously.  I'll be lucky if I have a few hours on the weekend to spend reading manga.
Been in any anime convention? No!  I want to @___@;;;
Cosplayed before? Yeah, but not for an anime (who would I be?)
Spent more or less $500 on anime/manga stuff? Ummm, not quite yet lol
Own at least ONE ORIGINAL DVD anime set? Nope.
Can you name a character you look look alike? Haha, I would like to know!  Any suggestions?
Can you draw anime/manga/chibi characters? No, I can't.  I've never tried.  I have my own drawing style, so I don't really care to learn how.
Do you watch OVAs/movies? When I get my hands on them, yes.
Do you read/write fanfictions? <.< >.>
DO you know what kawaii or Nani means? I know what kawaii means.  *pinches cheeks*
Do you know the Japanese/Englsh title and character name differences in some anime/mangas? Yes, and nicknames too.
Do you read/draw doujins? What's doujin?  See, I told you I'm a n00b...*hangs head*
DO you know Miyazaki? YES!  I've seen pretty much every one of his movies and I love them to death.  Best movies ever!
DO you know where Osaka, the weird transfer student came from what anime? W00T AZUMANGA DAIOH!  <--random much?
Do you know if Ichigo 100% is the same as Strawberry 100%?  ...eheh?  say what?
DO you like the idea of editing out/subbing different dialogues in anime? Noes!  Editing is bad, very bad.
Ever watched/read RAW anime/manga?  No, I've seen them but I don't know what they are...*looks helpless*
Are you in any anime club? I'm in UGNA.  Does that count?  (Oh, and of course I'm a proud member of the Prince Yuki fan club.)
Can you get anime-based jokes? Some of them :D
Can you discern the voice artist? Definately not.  They all sound very similar.
Do you eat with chopsticks? Do you know how?  Yes, I know how, and I do when available.  It's exciting, even if it takes forever.  
Do you Act like an anime character? I sometimes go insane like Yukari...
Do you speak japanese or use common japanese dialogues? No, but I am being trained by the magnanimous Addie-chan.
Ever dreamed of anime? I've dreamed of anime characters, yes.  
Do you play/played anime based games? I don't game.  >.<
Memorize a lyrics of any anime theme song? (even just one line?) Actually, yes - I memorized the entire first verse of "Sobakasu" from RK.  I wrote it all out phonetically and memorized it in Japanese.  And of course I know the English words, too.  And it was my ringtone.  That's how much I love that song.  XD
Ever did AMVs? Noes.  Not tech-savvy enough.  
You play Anime RPGs? No.
You write Anime fanfics?  Yes!
Are you a shipper? Who isn't?
Are your usernames anime related?  Not that I can think of...
What merchandise do you have relating to anime? Action figures, posters, manga, DVDs, soundtracks, keychain. :)
Do you know Naruto? Yay or Nay? Nay.  LOL.  We'll see if that changes.
Are animes worse than the manga versions? What do you prefer? It depends on which one, but generally the manga is sooooooo much better.
do you know what an otaku even is?  YES :heart:

By now, you should realize if you're an anime fanatic or not. If not, geez, why even bother doing this then?

I tag:  :iconvidnel:,:iconseiyosa:,:iconisa-koneko:,:iconkiiirad: ...and whoever else would like to do it!
  • Reading: about nondominant seventh chords
  • Watching: Death Note
  • Drinking: milk
I was tagged by :iconmj0621: and I'm still in denial that spring break is here's a quiz/survey-ish thing.

Art Block...(I don't know what this is.  Help?)

1) Name: Pheobe Meryll <---pen name, you're not gettin the real one XD
2) Name Backwards: Eboehp!
3) Were you named after anyone?: Yes.  I named myself after that nymphomaniac from "Yeomen."  We have a lot in common.
4) Does your name mean anything?: I don't know what Pheobe means.
5) Nick Name(s): I have several in real life, the newest one being "chibi-face"...
6) Screen Name(s): I prefer not to disclose
7) Date Of Birth: May 27
8) Place of Birth: somewhere on a planet that's evolving and revolving at nine hundred miles an hour, that's orbiting at nineteen miles a second (so it's reckoned), a sun that is the source of all our power...:rofl:
9) Nationality: Half Cypriot, half Polack, and all-American, yo!
10) Current Location: At my desk in my room surrounded by books and and books and books.  :heart:
11) Religion: Roman Catholic
12) Height: 5'3"-ish, I don't really measure myself
13) Shoe Size: About 8
14) Hair colour: Dark brown.  I'm thinking of dyeing it for a week...
15) Eye colour: Dark brown.  meh.
16) What do you look like?: It depends on who you ask.  Apparently Addie-chan thinks I look like a chibi.  Nicer people have said Angelina Jolie (LAWL.  I think the chibi thing is closer).
17) Innie or Outie?: Innie (LOL *pats Addie-chan's head*)
18) Righty, Lefty, Ambidextrous: Right, but my left can make dust outta a fingerboard :D
19) Gay, Straight, Bi, or Other?: Quite straight, actually.
20) Best friends: Pompey, Nicklausse, and Captain Hook.
21) Best friend you trust the most: Tinkerbell.
22) Best friends {your sex}: sisters...Stephanie...peeps I've known forever like Valerie and Kiira...Addie, Courtney...I love all of my friendses; don't make me choose betwixt them.  *poubts*
23) Best friends of the opposite sex: My broffers...Adam, Sean, Scott, other peeps (again, don't make me pick favorites)
24) Best Bud(s): I just named them all, dumkopff.
25) Boyfriend / Girlfriend: Nonexistant.  I guess I'm too mission-oriented to get out of my little world and find anyone.  And I'm too dumb to detect signals, and too scared to initiate anything, so most likely I'll die a virgin.  
26) Crush: Isaac Asimov, but he's dead.  *sobs*
27) Parent(s): What about them?  One is an g33ky electronics professor with a Cypriot accent who likes Monty Python and Ancient Greek, and the other is a home-educator who is an expert in cutting hair and reading aloud.
28) Worst Enemy/Enemies: I've never tried to make enemies...I do try my best to get along with people, even if I sometimes seem unfriendly.  I know I have at least one real enemy, sadly.
29) Funniest friend: zomgosh.  Prolly Sean.  :giggle:
31) Advice Friend: My broffer Chrys.  (Mwaha, he knows all my dark secrets.)
32) Loudest Friend: Hmm.  Crystal, maybe?  lol
33) Person you cry with: I cry alone in dark corners.  Well...I know some of my closest friends (Steph and Adam) have seen me crying, but only like once.  >.<
34) Any sisters: Two - one older, one younger.
35) Any brothers: Two, but both are younger.  WHY, GOD, WHY??? (I loves them, but I wants an older brother!!  *sobs*)
36) Any pets: Rocky and Shelby (beagles), Scamper and Squeaks (kitties), Winky and Mrs. Frisby (mice)
37) A Disease: Lycanthropy.  That's right.  Watch out for me on the full moon.
38) A Pager: Wait, what?
39) A mp3 player/ipod: Adam gave me his old one, though I think I may have misplaced it.
40) A laptop: I have a borrowed Dell.  I am soon procuring my own for college, though!  (yayyy)
41) Gaming platform:  I don't game.  <---sucks at nerdiness
42) Surround sound: If that's what they have in the movie theaters, I likey it.  >.>
43) A Personal phone line: est very important.
44) A Cell phone: My ringtone is Deborah Voigt singing "dich, teure halle" from Tannhauser.  Hardcore, yes?
45) A Lava lamp: OMG I want one!!  So groovy, man.
46) A Pool or hot tub:  We have a pool but no hot tub.  Those things are nice.
47) A Car: Green, slightly hurricane-damaged Kia Rio, 2001.  :)

Describe Your...

48) Personality: This might not be what others tell you, but I think I'm pretty outgoing, a little too much, maybe brash?  And I get excited easily, and depressed easily (especially when I'm in a big group of people).  I like to have conversations with open-minded persons...I get annoyed when people are too opinionated, although I'm very opinionated myself.  I try not to let my opinions keep me from understanding other peoples', though...I just try to find common ground, I guess.  And I'm a rebel.  lol (I really am!!)
49) Driving: I'm okay, I guess.  My friends all say I'm okay.  I've never been ticketed.  And I don't get too annoyed at peeps on the road, so that's cool.
50) Car or one you want: I like mine how it is.  Although it would be nice if Scott could hurry up with that alternative energy source he's supposed to be finding (the air, the air is every-where!)
51) Room: *looks around*  whaddya wanna know?  It's messy, of course.
52) What's missing?: More bookshelves for all these books I have on the floors, table, dresser, desk, and bed.  :lmao:
54) Bed: It's not made, if that's what you're insinuating.  I only make it on special occasions, such as my grandmother coming to visit.  XD
55) Relationship with your parent(s): 'sokay.  My dad more than my mom.  I think it really is high time I moved out, though, so I'm glad for college.

Do You...

56) Believe in yourself: Yes, I do.  The problem is that so few others do.  :(  You know what pisses me off?  You grow up hearing this same mantra from the time you're a few months old till teenage-hood...everyone tells little kids to "believe in yourself" and "follow your dreams" and then when you finally get old enough to do it, they all start saying things like "you've got to be realistic" and "go into a field that will assure you of a high-paying job" and "your competition is too high."  wtf?  I HATE GROWN-UPS.
57) Do you believe in love at first sight?: Of course not.  You can't love someone you don't know.
58) Consider yourself a good listener: Yes.
60) Get along with your parents: My dad, yes.  My mom, eh.
61) Save your e-mail conversations: I never delete them because I'm lazy.  lol.
62) Pray: Yesh, every day.
63) Believe in reincarnation: No.
64) Like to make fun of people: :D  I love to annoy peeps, if that counts.
65) Like to talk on the phone: To my friends, yes.  
66) Like to eat?: If I didn't like to eat, it would be sad having to force myself to do it three times a day.
67) Like to drive: Sometimes.  I drive alone a lot and sometimes I get really lonely.  It can be very depressing.
68) Get motion sickness: Easily.
69) Eat the stems of broccoli: Um, yeah...
70) Eat Chicken fingers with a fork: I guess.  XD
71) Dream in colour: Now that you mention it, I don't remember every dreaming of something in a specific color.  O.o;
72) Type with your fingers on home row: home row?  Whazzat?  I learned to type from this Mavis Beacon typing comp program.  lol, I never completed it, but I can type pretty fast.
73) Sleep with a stuffed animal: Actually, I sleep with a superman plushy from a vending machine which a random guy gave to me one time at a restaurant.  :heart:

What Is...

74) Right next to you: Latin grammar book, mini globe, theory book, religious magazine, a pen and a pencil and a list of things to do this week.
75) On the walls of your room: (you asked for it...) Rose-patterned wallpaper, crucifix, a mirror, pictures of the Australian Opera House, Arthur Rackham's "Seigfried Slays Fafner," Cowper's "Lancelot Slays the Cattiff Knight" (lotsa slaying going on here XD), Waterhouse's "Lady of Shalott," a picture of Circes by Maxfield Parrish, The King and Queen of Hearts, random Rurouni Kenshin mini-poster and pics, Sherlock Holmes, Catholic calander, some writing awards, "If" by Rudyard Kipling (framed), playbills for HMS Pinafore, Cavalleria, and Barbierre, a picture of Yoshi my brother drew for me, a violin picture, the schedule for the Met Toll Brothers broadcast, five bookshelves, random wall decoration, Rohan bookmark, a Japanese oil painting calander, a Star Wars calander, Pirates of the Carribean poster, Lord of the Rings poster, Abbey Road poster, and a poster-sized replica of the United States Constitution.
76) On your mouse pad: Laptop!
77) Your dream car: I thought we went over this.  One that runs on air.
78) Your dream date: *smiles*
79) Your dream honeymoon spot: Somewhere far away.  Like Rome or Versailles Palace.
80) Your dream husband/wife: Someone who can sing the words to my favorite operas and musicals with me.  :)
81) Your bedtime: lately? this sem break? It depends.  I'm all off now.  It should be eleven or midnight but I keep waiting till later.
82) Under my bed: Dust bunnies!
83) The single most important answer: "Yes, I will marry you and bear your children." <--:rofl:
84) Your bad time of the day: MORNING!!  Just because I'm nice to people at school in the mornings doesn't mean I'm a morning person...~_~
85) Your worst fear(s): Failure.  I think it's the only thing I really fear.
86) The weather like: Lovely and sunny!  I wonder if it will stay that way.
87) The time?: ...wrong time to be doing this (shh!) lol
88) The date?: 4/8/08
89) The best trick you ever played on someone: I'm not very tricky.
90) The weirdest food or drink that you like: Possibly baby oatmeal.  You know, the really flaky stuff that you add milk to?  It's really good.  XD  (people think I'm weird for liking chicken and potatoes with cinnamon, too.  It's the Greek streak in me.)
91) Your Theme Song: "Under Pressure" by Queen/Bowie.
92) The hardest thing about growing up: Hmmm.  This one is SO HARD. <--*sarcasm*  Maybe how everything you ever believed in or held dear turns out to be a lie?  And how all of a sudden there are so many rules and restrictions and limitations you can hardly turn around without being hit by one?  And how everyone tries to label you and tell you what to do with your life?  My God, I hate growing up.
93) Your funniest experience: XD;; I've had a lot of those.
94) Your scariest moment: September 11 really was pretty scary for me, even though I wasn't personally affected by it.  I thought we were all gonna die...XP
95) The silliest thing you've ever said: I've said a lot of ditzy things.
96) The funniest or most desperate thing you've done to get the attention of the opposite sex: Sometimes I'll say something perverted-sounding just to get them to pay attention to me...*shakes head*...okay, okay, and I admit to bending down just to show some cleavage once or twice.  <--slutty
97) The scariest thing that's ever happened while with your friend(s): Possibly some of the weird people I've met with Sean.  We were going through a list the other day; it seems like the two of us are a magnet for strange, freaky people.  The kind that come up to you after a concert and start trying to convert you to retro-Calvanism by telling you that opera is evil or start reciting obscene poems...:rofl: :O_o:
98) The worst feeling in the world: Despair.
99) The best feeling in the world: Playing violin, especially in a big, good symphony.
100) I tag: :icongreenpetaldaisy:, :iconkiiirad:, :iconvidnel:, :iconstargate4ever23:, :iconsilamir:, :iconisa-koneko:  AND EVERYBODY WHO WANTS TO.
  • Listening to: Gilbert &amp; Sullivan
  • Reading: Fruits Basket
  • Playing: Paganini!